blue and white buttons with blue and red buttons

Rising Fashions Accessories Ltd, together with Popular Packages & Accessories Ltd, adds a layer of perfection to our whole production ecosystem. We make sewing threads, buttons, care labels, narrow fabric, elastics, polybags, and cartons.

We believe product quality and customer satisfaction are the things that take a company to greater heights. At Rising Group, we make sure everything that makes a product perfect, all the accessories it requires is completely taken care of. In our work, we always drive to move forward with cutting-edge technology and great operational skills. 

Rising Fashions Accessories Ltd and Popular packages & accessories Ltd are our two sources of complete accessories solution. This business completes our ecosystem of producing perfect products where everything is made in-house with proper quality and quantity control. Our service allows our customer to think big with their orders, because we give them the entire solution. 

  • Capacity

    Screen Printing : 1,00,000 Pcs/day
    Sewing Thread : 10,000 Cone/day
    Plastic Button : 1800 GG/day
    Elastic : 35,000 Yards/day
    Twill Tape/Belt : 24,000 Yards/day
    Drawchord : 10,000 Yard's/day
    Care Label : 2,50,000 Pcs/day

  • Certifications

    BSCI, BEPI, Oekotex VI, GRS,

  • Products

    Type of Print : Pigment , Rubber, Silicone, High Density , Flock , Foil, Glitter, Caviar, Crack , Puff, Photo, Discharge, Reflective
    Type of Label : Paper, Satin,Taffeta
    Type of Thread : 100 % Spun Polyester Thread of count 50/2, 40/2, 40/3, 20/2,20/3 & 150D Textured Filament Yarn
    Type of Button : Plastic Horn & Chalk, Logo & Non-Logo Size: 14 to 60 Ling
    Type of Narrow Fabric : Adjustable Elastic, Crochet elastic, Picoting Elastic, Herringbone Tape, Neck Tape, Twill Tape, Belt, Tube Drawstring, Round Drwastring, Drawchord

  • Contact Information

    Muhammad Ishtiaq Rahman
    Director, RFAL