We don't grow alone, it's the society and people that make
us grow.

Ever since we started our journey, we’ve been a socially responsible business along the way. We don’t just create employment, we take care of our valued employees. Our employees are always under health checkups, and we organize workshops to make them more aware of their own health. Our program “Her Heath” ensures our female employees are always up to date with health issues of their own and their children’s health. Recently, our program “Hepa B” secured the Hepatitis B vaccine for all our employees and ensured they were safe from this dangerous virus. Since closely working in a focused environment puts pressure on the eyes, we have launched our “Vision Spring” program to ensure all the employees are getting regular eye checkups. We will be launching more programs in the future to ensure a safer and thriving environment for all our employees. 

Child care

All of our factories maintain the child care facilities with light food for the child. We make sure mother and child are always taken care of under our watch. 

Medical Facilities

We believe it’s our health that keeps us going every day, and the growth we imagine together is impossible without it. At the rising group, we keep our employees safe by taking care of their medical needs 24/7 all in house.

Her health matters

 Our “Her health” program entirely focuses on the health of our female employees through health counseling and conducting different workshops on different health issues. This program ensures our female employees are healthy and safe during their entire time with us.

Our impact stories

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Medical facilities for employees

Medical facilities for employees We believe it’s our health that keeps us going everyday, and the growth we imagine together...

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