Sirajgonj Economic Zone

Sirajganj Economic Zone is located on the west side of Bangabandhu Bridge under Sirajganj district. The zone is envisaged to be developed over a land parcel with an area of approx. 1041.43 Acres. The developer for Economic Zone is titled Sirajganj Economic Zone Limited and has been formed by a consortium of twelve companies and individuals. Among those companies, Rising Group played the most significant role in bringing this concept to life. 

Shirajgan economic zone will be one of our biggest projects so far. The combined effort of building this zone inspires the future of our business where we grow together. In our journey forward, we can imagine the contribution we can make to the economy and the possibilities of scaling impact through our businesses. 

We believe in the coming days, Rising Group will have taken the best foot forward to revolutionize the industry with best global practices. Years of knowledge and experience will contribute to building the infrastructure of this economic zone and the Rising group is well equipped for the challenges ahead.