The quota phase-out in 2004, operating from a rented facility and lack of domestic availability of yarns and fabrics – which only added to the spiraling production cost for the company – resulted in the birth of Rising Spinning Mills Ltd. in the same year at Saturia, Manikgonj, spread over a floor area of 1,64,472 sq. ft. and equipped with 30,000 spindles.

We believe product quality and customer satisfaction are the things that take a company to greater heights. At Rising Group, we create the best quality yarns that ensure the state of the art fabric production. We always drive to move forward with cutting-edge technology and great operational skills. 

The birth of Rising Spinning Mills Ltd added a new domain to our business. We never compromised with quality and we took the unavailability of yarns as a challenge. We turned the challenge into an opportunity by producing yarns to meet both national and international demands. Now our customers know they are getting the best yarn in the market with us.  

  • Cotton & Fiber Sourcing

    -Rising source both organic and non organic cotton, BCI cotton, CMIA cotton from Australia, Brazil, West Africa, East Africa, India & USA.
    -Polyester staple fiber and viscose staple fiber from Indonesia, Thailand & India.
    -Modal from India and Indonesia.
    -Flax fiber from Europe.

  • Certifications


  • Solar Energy

    3000 KW/Hour

  • Spinning-mills Capacity

    Rising Spinning Mills Ltd : 30,240 Ring Spindles and 720 Rotor Spindles
    Rising Industries Ltd : 76,752 Ring Spindles and 1,080 Rotor Spindles

  • Yarn Production Capacity

    Approximate 65 Tons/Day

  • Rising Spinning Mills Ltd:

  • Contact

    Masum Iqbal Khan Sumon, Director

    Mohammad Shohel Anwar
    GM, Operation
    Rising Spinning Mills Ltd